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The Jug Band for the Millenium

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FAQ, of course, stands for Frequently Asked Questions, so for those Tiger Beat readers among you, here are the questions that were asked of us during our very first-ever interview many, many years ago, and the smart-ass answers we gave. (Remember, this was a long time ago...)

Q: In an ex-Bond-girl catfight, would the members of The Dirdy Birdies come out on top?

A: Of course. Most of us are boys. The only exception would be that new one. She's a trained martial artist and we're not. We're just regular people.

Q: I hear you write poetry.

A: Not true. In class, we had to write poetry and Hallmark does better.

Q: Are any of you dating someone famous or something?

A: No…we're the only ones in Hollywood who aren't. Are you dating someone famous?

Q: No, I'm working on it though.

A: It's very important to go out with someone famous. Because it helps.

Q: Are you at all attracted to me now?

A: How can I be attracted to this voice on the phone that asks me hipster doofus questions?

Q: Who's your favorite Beatle?

A: Ralph.

Now that you've seen this stuff, and you've really got the hunger, you're probably looking for something really substantial. Well, for an honest-to-God history of jug band music, and recommendations on books and recordings to add to your collection,
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Last Updated: July 20, 2001