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The Jug Band for the Millenium
The Birdies
Photo by Liz Pignatello

jug1965 Here it is! The long-awaited, official Web Site of The DIRDY BIRDIES Jug Band. This is a group of wandering minstrels thatís been together since 1965, and this site is the place to find out everything (well, just about everything) about us, The Officially-Sanctioned, Guiness Book of Records, Jug Band for the Millennium!
TRACKS! - The Birdies offer their 2nd studio CD!
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a round tuit The Carrboro Chronicles - Jack's Fourth of July trip to North Carolina to record with Mother Vinyard's Jug Band. Complete with Pix.
[ Here's the Story! ][ Check here for pix! ]
what's new Geoff Muldaur and The Dirdy Birdies! Another earthshaking moment in the History of The Jug Band for The Millennium.
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Big Break The next installment of The Big Break story: a fan from yesteryear chips in with memories!
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Jugs Tour 'Jugs Across the Sea' The video documentary of The 1987 Tour!
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